How To Play

How To Play Opinion Trading

Research well about that topic before placing trade. Keep yourself updated on the latest news and trends in areas like sports, stocks, and other relevant topics.

Test with few quantities to understand platform and gameplay.

Keep a record of your predictions and outcomes.

Take advantage of any research tools or resources provided by the Opinion Trading platform.

Don’t put all your predictions in one event. Diversify your choices across different events to spread your risk.

Opinion Trading involves some level of risk. Stay calm and avoid making impulsive decisions. Patience and a strategic approach can help to earn more.

When a player taps on the Opinion Trading Game icon, they will see a set of questions about real-world events i.e. cricket, kabaddi match. The card for each event will display the expiration date of that question event.

Users can choose to answer any question based on their expertise and skills. After selecting an option, they can see how many traders are available for that choice. Users can also decide how much money they want to spend on that specific option.

The user will confirm their choice, the amount of money, and the quantity. The trade details will be recorded and can be viewed later in the portfolio area.User can see their investment amount and estimated winnings before placing order.

Once the user placed their order, they will see Order details. Pending (Order placed but waiting for seller or buyer), Settled (Order placed successfully and bought desired quantities), Sold (Order sold successfully).

Once the poll input timer expires, users cannot change their input. After the actual event concludes and the outcome is known, those who selected the correct option will be rewarded.