BoozedTube Opinion Trading is a game based on expert opinions. You will receive poll-based questions about real events, like sports, the stock market, crypto, and other trending topics. Users need to predict which option they believe is most likely to happen.
No, Opinion Trading is not like betting. It's a game where people with good knowledge about sports or events can use their skills to win cash rewards based on expert opinions and strategies.
Yes, You can invest in multiple entries in the same question event.
Yes, Playing Opinion Trading online through the boozedtube site is completely secure and safe. However, it's important to note that certain Indian states may not allow participation in cash games. Consequently, you must adhere to the guidelines set by the state in which you reside to participate in Opinion Trading on this site.
All events are settled within 24 hours from the time of event expiry.
Such cases are rare, do not hesitate to reach us if you are facing such issues.

Cricket Opinion Trading is an innovative online trading experience where users can express their opinions on various cricket-related questions. It's like trading your opinions for cash rewards based on cricket events.