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online trading platform
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Use your knowledge & Invest with your opinion

Sports, Entertainment, Cryptocurrency, Economy or Finance etc.

Trade and grow
Invest in your opinions about future events and use your knowledge to trade & benefit.

From Sports to Entertainment, Economy, Finance and more. Keep an eye on events in your field of interest.

Share your expert opinion on the likely outcome in this poll-driven question game centered around a variety of real events.

how to play opinion trading

What will be the value for your opinions by using knowledge?

Share your opinions and Earn money!

What’s opinion trading?

Opinion trading is a game that revolves around expert opinions, presentingparticipants with poll-based questions related to a variety of real-world eventssuch as cricket, cryptocurrency, and other trending topics

Choose a match

Select any match / sports to filter
out the related questions for
placing your opinion

Is it a yes or a no?

Predict the most probable
outcome for the selected question
and place your order

Rohit Sharma to be appointed as the captain of Mumbai IT20L team by the end of IT20L 2024?

Rajasthan Royals team will win trophy IT20L by the end of IT20L 2024?

About Opinion Trading

Opinion Trading game mode is an innovative and engaging online trading mode where users predict outcomes of real events like sports, stocks, and trending topics, relying on your expert opinions. You receive questions about live sports events and must guess which option you believe is most likely to happen, using your expert knowledge. It’s not betting it’s about applying your knowledge and intuition for intelligent predictions. Successful predictions can earn you thrilling cash rewards! Opinion Trading gaming mode is designed for users who are interested in strategy and prediction-based gameplay.

Key Features:

  1. Dive into a question-based gameplay where each query presents two possible answers (Yes or No).
  2. Engage in the unique trading system, allowing you to place trades on your chosen answers with amounts ranging from ₹0.5 to ₹9.5.
  3. Experience real-time matching as orders are matched instantly, creating a dynamic and immersive trading environment.

How To Play Opinion Trading

  • When a player taps on the Opinion Trading Game icon, they will see a set of questions about real-world events i.e. cricket, kabaddi match. The card for each event will display the expiration date of that question event.
  • Users can choose to answer any question based on their expertise and skills. After selecting an option, they can see how many traders are available for that choice. Users can also decide how much money they want to spend on that specific option.
  • The user will confirm their choice, the amount of money, and the quantity. The trade details will be recorded and can be viewed later in the portfolio area. User can see their investment amount and estimated winnings before placing order.
  • Once the user placed their order, they will see Oder details. Pending (Order placed but waiting for seller or buyer), Settled (Order placed successfully and bought desired quantities), Sold (Order sold successfully).
  • Once the poll input timer expires, users cannot change their input. After the actual event concludes and the outcome is known, those who selected the correct option will be rewarded.

DISCLAIMER : Tiger Games is neither associated or affiliated nor claims any association or affiliation in any manner with any sport governing league or authorities.

This game may be habit-forming or financially risky. Play responsibly.